Industrial Services

●   DLC coating on Titanium Aluminides

DLC coating on Ti-45Al-2Nb-2Mn can grow up to several tenth of microns by extending Plasma Carburizing to be used as a heat barrier, corrosion and wear resistant coating.

●   Plasma Pack Aluminizing of Titanium Aluminides for the use in Air and Space Industries

Plasma packed aluminized thick layers on Steels, Titanium Alloys or Aluminides and other Ni-Super Alloys enhance the life time of the corresponding components several times against wear and corrosion.

●   Repair of 718 super Ni alloy using plasma brazing 

Repair of Ni-Superalloy with application of plasma arc on the powders of filler material added before plasma on the surface and processed in 10 min. No cracking, No nonconformity or adverse effect of welding passes.