Professor Ahmad Reza Rastkar BSc, MSc, PhD


Shahid Beheshti University

Professor of Surface Engineering


Laser and Plasma Research Institute 

Shahid Beheshti University






Ahmad Reza Rastkar is Professor of Surface Engineering and Leader of Plasma Processing Lab at the Laser and Plasma Research Institute in Shahid Beheshti University. He is a leading surface engineering expert in developing novel surface engineering techniques to improve the wear and corrosion resistance of Steels, Titanium alloys and Nickel alloys technologies as well as characterization of surface engineered components.

Professor Rastkar has published more than 60 papers in international journals and conferences together with 4 patents and 2 book chapters. During the past 20 years, he has successfully achieved several innovations in surface transformations and binding difficult to bond alloys such as titanium aluminides and superalloys. Another achievement is the development of the growth of vertically carbon nanotubes on different substrates that would be applicable in new challenging industries such as batteries and high emission cathodes in different high voltage and optical industries.

He is active in international surface engineering activities including invited lectures to major international conferences, organizations of national and international conferences and is an outstanding reviewer of academic journals.

    • PhD in Metallurgy & Materials (Surface Engineering and Tribology), Birmingham University, 2000

    • MSc in Material Engineering (Materials Selection and Manufacturing) Tribology, Shiraz University, Iran, 1991

    • BSc in Materials Engineering, Shiraz University, Iran, 1988


    • plasma surface technology in BEng/MEng Materials Science and Engineering
    • plasma laboratories in BEng/MEng Materials Science and Engineering
    • manufacturing processesin BEng/MEng Materials Science and Engineering
    • physical metallurgyin BEng/MEng Materials Science and Engineering
    • heat treatmentin BEng/MEng Materials Science and Engineering
    • welding in BEng/MEng Materials Science and Engineering
    • non-destructive testing technologyin BEng/MEng Materials Science and Engineering
    • advanced material analysis in BEng/MEng Materials Science and Engineering
    • thermodynamics.of Materialsin BEng/MEng Materials Science and Engineering
Personal Abilities
●  Very good command of English and German languages
●  Windows MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint),  
Solidworks, Adobe Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop),
Web Design with WordPress
●  Python, SQL, Finite Difference Methods, ●  SAP (MM, QM, PP)


● Ahmad Reza Rastkar, Optical imaging and magnetic field simulation of a DC circular planar magnetron sputtering discharge, J. of Theoretical and Applied Physics (2023).



●  Ahmad Reza Rastkar, Time-resolved evolution of collisional transient sheath in plasma source ion implantation, Phys. Scr. 96 (2021) 125623.
● Ahmad Reza Rastkar, Mohammad Heydarzadeh Sohi, Phase Identification and Fracture Strength of Plasma Brazed Joints of Ti 45Al 2Nb 2Mn 1B with Ti-Ni-Cu filler metals, December 2020. Materials Letters 286(5):129249.

● Ahmad Reza Rastkar, Sur Coat Technol, 283 (2015) 10-21, Plasma enhanced paste aluminizing of Ti–45Al–2Nb–2Mn–1B with Al–Si alloy.

● Ahmad Reza Rastkar, Met. Mat. Trans A, 46(A) 9 (2015) 4132-4142,The Effects of Processing Time on the Microstructure and Composition of Plasma Pack-Aluminized and -Oxidized Surface Layers on Low Carbon Steel.


● Ahmad Reza Rastkar, Applied Surface Science 276 (2013) 112– 119, Microstructural evolution and hardness of TiAl3 and TiAl2 phases on Ti–45Al–2Nb–2Mn–1B by plasma pack aluminizing

● Ahmad Reza Rastkar, Surf. inter. Ana., 2012, 44, 342–351, Surface modification and wear test of carbon steel by plasma electrolytic nitrocarburizing

● Ahmad Reza Rastkar, J N N, Volume 11, Number 6, June 2011 , pp. 5365-5373 (9) Effect of Pulsed Plasma Nitriding on Mechanical and Tribological Performance of Ck45 Steel

●  Ahmad Reza Rastkar, “Surface transformation of Ti-45Al-2Nb-2Mn-1B titanium Aluminide by electron beam melting”, Surf. Coat. Technol. 204 (2010) 1817-1822.

●  Ahmad Reza Rastkar, Surf & Coat Tech 202 (2008) 6038–6048, Structural and mechanical evaluation of the effect of oxygen boost diffusion on a gamma based titanium aluminide of Ti–45Al–2Nb–2Mn–1B

●  Ahmad Reza Rastkar, Plasma Process. Polym. 6 (2009) S855–S859, Effect of Methane Pressure on the Size of Carbon Nanoparticles Deposited by Pulsed Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition

●  Ahmad Reza Rastkar, Wear 258 (2005) 1616–1624, Characterization and tribological performance of oxide layers on a gamma based titanium aluminide

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● Ahmad Reza Rastkar, A. Bloyce, T. Bell, “Sliding wear behaviour of two gamma-based titanium aluminides”, Wear 240 (1-2) (2000).

Selected Presentations

  ●  A. R. Rastkar, “Plasma enhanced diffusion of Al-Si alloys on the surface of Ti-45Al-2Nb-2Mn-1B titanium aluminide”, Fifteenth International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering-PSE 2016, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, September 12-16, 2016.

  ●  A. R. Rastkar, “Plasma electrolytic process compete gaseous plasma nitriding of AISI 1045 steel”, Twelfth International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering (PSE 2010), Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, September 13-17, 2010.

  ●  A. R. Rastkar, A. Kiani, B. Shokri, “Effect of pulsed plasma nitriding on Tribological performance of Ck45 steel”, 3 rd International Meeting on Developments in Materials, Processes and Applications of Emerging Technologies (MPA-2009), Manchester, UK, 21-23 July 2009.

  ●  A. R. Rastkar, M. Kabir, M. Amirzadeh and M. Rahimipour, “Effect of pressure on the size of carbon nanoparticles deposited by pulsed plasma enhanced CVD of methane”, Eleventh International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering-PSE, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, September 15-19, 2008.

Projects to collaborate in Industrial Scale

●   DLC coating on Titanium Aluminides

DLC coating on Ti-45Al-2Nb-2Mn can grow up to several tenth of microns by extending Plasma Carburizing to be used as a heat barrier, corrosion and wear resistant coating.

●   Plasma Pack Aluminizing of Titanium Aluminides for the use in Air and Space Industries

Plasma packed aluminized thick layers on Steels, Titanium Alloys or Aluminides and other Ni-Super Alloys enhance the life time of the corresponding components several times against wear and corrosion.

●   Repair of 718 super Ni alloy using plasma brazing 

 Repair of Ni-Superalloy with application of plasma arc on the powders of filler material added before plasma on the surface and processed in 10 min. No cracking, No nonconformity or adverse effect of welding passes.

Date and Signature

24.06.2023        A R Rastkar