Optical imaging and magnetic field simulation of a DC circular planar magnetron sputtering discharge

 In this paper, the optical images of glow discharge plasma and the finite element method simulation of the magnetic field strength in a balanced and two types of unbalanced DC circular planar magnetron sputtering sources are presented. The investigation showed that wherever the magnetic field strength is stronger, the intensity of light and the ionization

Plasma enhanced paste aluminizing of Ti–45Al–2Nb–2Mn–1B with Al–Si alloy

Ti–45Al–2Nb–2Mn–1B was plasma enhanced paste aluminized at 800 °C for 30 min with Al–Si alloys, to investigate the effect of silicon on the structure of coatings and oxidation compounds. Optical and electron microscopy revealed fine and coarse particles of blocky and plate like or needle type particles of Ti5Si3 and TiSi2 phases in aluminum or